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Adeodata is a company that provides consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry (and medical devices), in particular in relation to computerized systems and their validation/testing, but also to qualification of environments and equipment and calibration of measuring instruments.


Our distinguishing factor is the passion for our work that has led us to continuously improve ourselves, combining long-standing competence and experience with a solid ISO 9001 certified organization since 2011. This organization has made the operational methodologies, the path of training of resources (through internal courses, given the high level of specialization), the operating instructions and the periods of support highly structural.


To ensure flexibility and continuity in supporting our customers we are present locally with offices in the north of Milan, Parma, south of Rome, Veneto and Lugano.



Adeodata S.r.l.
Via E. Mattei, 2

22070 Bregnano (CO)



Registered office: Via Carducci, 32 — 20123 Milano

VAT Nr. 05617310965    REA 1834791 Milano   


Adeodata SA
Via Calgari, 2

CH 6900 Lugano

IDI CHE-112.203.579

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