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Friday 11 January 2019

Cantù - 11 January 2019

The Adeodata annual meeting to share the goals of 2018 and celebrate.

On 11 January 2019 the Adeodata Day was held: The company meeting that each year allows Adeodata to bring together all the staff located in the offices of Lomazzo, Pomezia, Parma, Abano Terme and Lugano, in one place, to share the goals achieved in 2018, the goals to be achieved in 2019 and naturally celebrate.


The day opened with the intervention of the General Manager Pier Luigi Agazzi, who explained how to read some key indicators of fundamental importance to understand the company trend and, with an overview of the personnel, presented the numerous new resources that entered to be part of of the Adeodata family.

Subsequently, Carmen Procaccio, Quality Manager, illustrated the new procedures born from the needs of the increasingly structured reality of Adeodata, exposed the results of the company climate and the suggestions for continuous improvement.


Pier Luigi Agazzi, General Manager


Carmen Procaccio, Quality Manager


Federica Moretti, Operations / HR manager, pointed out that in 2019 Adeodata will still focus on training and enhancing internal personnel, subsequently presenting the new positions introduced in the company organization chart in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency in the provision of customer services.

Finally, Gianluca Agazzi, Sales & Marketing Manager, indicated some of the guidelines that the company intends to follow for the development of the market for 2019, as well as the digital methodologies that will be used, trying however to maintain the distinctive traits that characterize the Adeodata approach to the customer.


Federica Moretti, Operations/HR Manager


Gianluca Agazzi, Sales & Marketing Manager


The day continued with a rich corporate lunch and ended with a big toast to the 2019 goals: continuous improvement in the quality of the service provided, growth in local offices, staff training and enhancement of young people.




To the next Adeodata Day!

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