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Tuesday 3 May 2022

Are you tired of the usual paper-based validation? Do you find it difficult to find meaningful data within validation protocols?
There is a solution: paperless validation!

The validation of computerised systems within pharmaceutical companies has become a paradox: why do validation activities of systems adopted to digitise business processes have to be documented on sheets of paper?

Finally, this paradox can be overcome by adopting paperless validation, a method of validation carried out entirely in digital mode, without the need to print out paper documents.


Adeodata has developed a paperless validation method that allows you to go paperless from the drafting and compilation of documents through to the review and approval signature stage, and finally to enjoy the consultation of archived documents. All this without having to buy special software to manage the documentation of electronic validation.


Paperless validation makes it possible to:

  • Improve accessibility to documentation from any location/workstation, even in smart-working environments.
  • Simplify searching within documents using keywords.
  • Improve readability of documents by zooming, orienting, etc. and eliminating handwriting problems.
  • Increase the flexibility of reviewing, signing and compiling, especially when done remotely or in smart-working environments.
  • Ensure simultaneous actions thanks to timestamping.
  • Improve document availability: immediately available after validation, anywhere!

Further advantages in the long term:

  • Non-perishability: documents do not deteriorate over time, provided of course that there are adequate protection measures in place (such as a backup).
  • Integration: greater integration with existing digital processes (in particular EDMS/QMS), without the need for special systems.
  • Reduced validation time: documents are immediately available after their approval.
  • Increased sustainability: reduced use of paper, binders, printers, toner...

Are you intrigued by paperless validation?
Would you like to experience this new approach to fully digital validation? Contact us!


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