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Also for the calibration of the instruments we stand out for our competence and organization. Having a wide range of reference instruments equipped with the necessary accuracy and referable to international standards, we are also able to calibrate the relevant measuring instruments.


  • Conductivity: (starting from 0.06 µ S/cm)
  • Pressure: from 10 up to 500 Pa (for rooms and hoods) up to 2,000 Pa (HVAC filters)
  • Humidity: from 0 to 100% RH%
  • Temperature: from -80 to 700 ° C
  • Air speed: up to 15 m/s
  • Linear speed: up to 10 m/s
  • RPM: up to 99.900 rpm
  • pH: 4-7-9 (Certified sample solutions)
  • Flow rate: up to 34,000 l/h (ultrasound) or up to 2,800 kg/h (mass)
  • Vacuum: from 10-6 bar to rise
  • Pressure: up to 600 bar

RADIOMETRIC MEASUREMENTS (pass boxes, photostability rooms, ...):

  • UVA: up to 50 W/m2
  • UVB: up to 30 W/m2
  • UVC: up to 1.5 W/m2
  • Lux: up to 4000 lux

The technical staff is trained and equipped to carry out calibration services at the customer's site directly on the machine or plant, in order to minimize disruption.

Our services include the identification of any critical calibration tools, the programming and execution of periodic calibrations, the calibration of special instruments, as well as the preparation and activation of calibration procedures. We can also provide, for the activities indicated, paperless calibration reports with validated software and perform the calculation of the calibration uncertainty.

In addition to the on-site service, Adeodata has a laboratory specialized in instrumental checks for calibrations and instrumentation set-up.
Calibrations, verifications, checks, tuning are carried out using certified tools.



Right here Adeodata makes the difference. Adeodata established the figure of the SME - Subject Matter Expert, a person dedicated to:

    • study the regulations (and related updates);
    • update internal standards, also in light of the experiences on the latest generation of qualified equipment;
    • instruct all consultants on these standards.

The figure of the SME for Adeodata is the basis of the quality system procedures, certified ISO 9001: 2015.



The instrumentation of Adeodata is regularly calibrated. Its software is validated and used in accordance with Data Integrity requirements.

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